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› Love relationship problem astrologer : Here is a list of common problems with relationships that my clients often come across. Follow the link to the most interested site for help dealing with your particular relationship issue. Do you prefer talking to a professional now? You can connect to our astrologer s.k tantrik ji. Cases / infidelity / deception (see Warning signs of infidelity and innocence in survival). This includes emotional infidelity, one-hour stands, internet relationships (including sexting), long-term and short-term issues, and unexpected financial . Sexual problems, especially loss of libido (man and woman), and sexuality uncertainty (are you a bisexual?) Or sexual partner - would he be a bisexual?

Love relationship problem astrologer : Responses to long-term stress such as work-related stress, long-term illness, mental health problems, financial problems, children's problems, infertility ... the list can go on! . I felt bored or with your relationship. Love relationship problem astrologer Dealing with - and dealing with - a jealous partner. Having "mixed" family problems (see: My partner's children do not want to know me) Domestic Violence, which includes verbal and physical abuse: the most serious relationship problem (see: offense) See also: "My husband is not interested in me yet." Knowing that you should not be married in the first place! (See my connection or marriage compatibility test: Stay or Walk Away) Lack of responsibility for one partner in finance, children, health and many other issues (see Children in the middle). Love relationship problem astrologer Unrealistic expectations - still thinking that your partner is a princess or knight, and not seeing the "real" man Addictions - substance abuse, gambling, sex ... anything that has become unhealthy (see the stages of alcoholism and life with alcohol) Excessive dependence on social media to the detriment of the relationship (see: problems with Facebook) No support in particularly difficult moments from people who are important to you (see Communication in a Relationship).

Love relationship problem astrologer Manipulating or over-involvement in relationships with family and / or friends (see Getting the best advice) No communication about important issues (see: Break-up Preventive Kit) Poor division (or one-sided lack of responsibility for) homework and tasks. It's not just women who complain about this relationship issue! (See Communication in relation) Perceived lack of concern, care and attention / vigilance . Love relationship problem astrologer feeling that the relationship is one-sided is big! (See how to deal with a narcissistic partner or how to "do" a partner to love again with you) Significant personal disappointments and traumas that lead to a change in relationship dynamics (see: Your partner in prison) Long-term depression or other mental health problems borne by one partner - or both (see Natural Depression Treatments) Significant differences in views on discipline or dealing with children (see: "Divorce concerns children and children in the middle").Long-term stressors, especially when they do not take responsibility for doing something positive to solve the cause or learn how to cope with it if you can not change it (see stress and relationship and symptoms of adrenal fatigue) Unfriendly partner during pregnancy and / or significant problems after childbirth or lack of support with parenting (see How to deal with birth injury)